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Here we are to introduce an exciting new clip in our YouTube channel: SIRTEF Tube!

This time, the high quality video is dedicated to the SIRTEF services and to the most distinctive features that set it apart from other competitors: the structural applications such as pedestrian walkways, bridges, highway exit and custom applications, all projects that require specific technical documents, highly detailed test and verification.
Regarding this issue, in the video you can see at work the RINA certified 150 T. test bench during a destructive test of a spiral strand for structural application, tested to certify the actual breaking load. Very impressive!

In the video, the technical manager Massimo Bernardotto, explains particularly his main tasks, based on the creation of engineering drawings, customers dedicated technical assistance, customized to their needs, special projects advice and training courses.

The last part of the video is dedicated to the SIRTEF training seminars, it explains in brief the training target and it underlines the attention paid to the certification activities.

Enjoy it and please follow us and subscribe our YouTube channel!