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There are projects, great works and events that are destined to be talked about for months and months, with previews and rumors that keep the attention of the employees and visitors for a long time, until the day when the curtain is finally lifted.

Expo 2015 is one of these. It will be held in Milan from 1 May to 31 October 2015 and will see in Milan a few million visitors from many countries, attracted by the importance and noise that the event was brought with it over the years.
The Expo is an event totally focused on Food, where the food quality, wine, italian products and all the services and technology that will revolve around it will be the focus of reflections and the attention of the whole world.

As we saw for other important projects that have involved SIRTEF directly, the technology, to make the best, always need of the classical industry support, of the old-economy and very often of a company such as SIRTEF, one of the leaders in the industrial and naval lifting business, a cross business, often necessary in the great works completion.

Albero della Vita Expo 2015
SIRTEF was involved in the EXPO 2015 by consortium “Orgoglio Brescia” in collaboration with Wood Beton, particularly for the Tree of Life lifting, the Expo symbol structure, whose company, member of the consortium, produces the lamellar for the tree.

The tower, a project of about four million euro, inspired by the design of the Piazza del Campidoglio by Michelangelo in Rome, is made of wood, steel, marble and porphyry and will be 35 meters high with a foliage of 45 meters in diameter.

The project must be completed for the inauguration of the Universal Exposition, scheduled for May 1, 2015, target achievable thanks to the technical solutions and innovative designed by engineers from Brescia involved in the project.

SIRTEF provided to Consortium Pride Brescia the following products:

  • Nr. 4 snatch blocks WLL ton. 40 with to 5 sheaves for steel wire rope diam. 18 mm
  • Nr. 2 vertical directional blocks for steel wire rope diam. 18 mm with bronze bushing
  • mt. 330×2 reels of Galvanized Steel Wire Rope 6x36WS + IWRC diam. 18 mm mounted on cable pullers of their supply.
Bozzello di sollevamento

This material will be used to lift the “crown” of the tree and bring it up (about 30 mt.).
All of these products will be assembled to constitute a lifting system integrated with steel wire ropes, snatch blocks, sheaves (1 for each pair of blocks), a central beam where they are attached two blocks and two steel pipes.