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Lifting field is a tough and complicated area. Critical and delicate operations, sometimes on extreme circumstances, with movements that transfer high weights, goes hand in hand with a meticulous and manic attention to the details, along with a calibrated selection of the fittings and the most suitable steel wire ropes to safely fulfill the ambitious challenges that occurs along the way, as best as possible.

But sometimes, can happen that something goes ain’t the right way. Sometimes can happen that a company who has never worked with SIRTEF before, has to face a problem with a lifting equipment and needs an affordable, responsive and mostly flexible partner’s immediate support. A partner able to move on and get the job remotely done, not at his usual headquarters, but directly at the customer site, at one of the Genova Port terminals.

Is that all possible? The right answer is absolutely yes. And besides the client’s strategical advantages, this allows you to optimize the lead time with the consequent costs reduction needed to complete the work.

We were recently called from LNG Cranes srl, (our official partner for installing and sales of special wire ropes dedicated to the Gottwald/Fantuzzi Reggiane port cranes market), to carry out a timely inspection intervention on Verope OEM wire ropes installed on a 150 ton. Gottwald mobile port crane.

The job was needed at one of the terminal companies in Genova, Liguria, because of a wire rope end fitting damage, whom undermined the correct crane operativity.

The VEROPRO 8 wire rope’s inspection, performed with a NDT Magnetic Particle Test (MRT), had a positive outcome, with an affirmative response about the optimal wire ropes condition.

For the wire ropes test we used a people mobile elevating work platform with max 40 mtrs. working height, essential to be able to inspect all the wire ropes legs installed, a key aspect that often is unfortunately overlooked.

Following the wire ropes test positive outcome, we replaced the spelter sockets using the Wirelock resin. The operation took place completely on site at the customer’s terminal thanks to two qualified technicians of ours, under the supervision and support of the client’s staff to operate platform and crane.

Below the technical details about SIRTEF intervention at the SAN GIORGIO TERMINAL in GENOVA:

Special VEROPE 8 d.38 MM. test intervention and ROPEBLOCK end fittings replacement installed on 150 ton. GOTTWALD Cranes
2 RHOL d.38 mm. L 245 mtrs. wire rope lenghts
2 LHOL d.38 mm. L 245 mtrs. wire rope lengths
NDT Magnetic Particle Test (MRT) using a mobile elevating work platform with max 40 mtrs. working height: AFFIRMATIVE RESPONSE – OPTIMAL WIRE ROPES CONDITION
Sockets replacement using WIRELOCK resin

For all the info on Checks and Verification on Stell Ropes with Magneto-inductive method (MRT) see Assembly and Controls on Steel Ropes