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Yacht building process is a formidable balancing act between marked design abilities, luxurious customer’s expectations, accurate engineering design and unquestioned shipyard’s operational skills.

This is the perfect mix for us of SIRTEF to let us suggest our under-the-load equipment solutions, developing ours Lifting beams conforming to the client’s specific needs.

SIRTEF realizza Bilancini super leggeri per ridurre la perdita di portata delle Gru

One of our latest realization on this field was a centered single attachment point Beam, very lightweight, essential to minimize the build-in-height, to ensure the best possible handling to one of ours main customers on the Italy ship building sector.

SIRTEF realizza Bilancini super leggeri per ridurre la perdita di portata delle Gru

To be able to reach a WLL of 36 ton. up to a 10 mtrs. maximum length, we designed a lattice-tower-structure beam, which allowed a 25% weight reduction compared to the standard steel girder solutions.

With reference to the usual lifting beams, the most innovative aspect of this “Made in SIRTEF” solution is exactly what concerns the lightweight of this item. Lightweight that reduces the crane’s WLL loss, as well as allowing to the operators certainly more agile maneuvers.

bilancino di sollevamento attacco centrale per gancio ad ancora

We managed to fit 10 lifting points for a total of 5 possible center-distances: 10/9/8/7 and 6 mtrs. The spreader is complete with support legs for the floor-standing and with dedicated slots arranged for the forklift handling of the equipment.

scheda tecnica bilancino attacco centrale per gancio ad ancora

Product featurings and description:

  • Centered single attachment point Beam
  • SWL 36t@10m + reg. 9/8/7/6 m
  • Weight-save Lattice-tower frame , -25% of the beam supporting structure
  • Profiles and Plates made in S355 J2 with resilience value referred to -20°C


  • According to AWS D1.1 – MAG process
  • Forklift handling featuring
  • Complete with support-legs

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