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Crosby Straightpoint Systems


The assortment of weighing equipment is indeed extensive, encompassing everything from load cells to shackles equipped with weighing systems, and from tension gauges for ropes to compression load cells. Each product comes with various load reading options, including the conventional wired handheld, the cordless version, and even the Bluetooth-enabled system.

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Tensile load cells

DNV certification, ATEX/IECEx, and Bluetooth features are accessible!

We offer load monitoring devices in standard/wireless (RLP), automated display (LLP), and wired sans display (WLP) models. Towcell is a 25kN wireless tension load cell explicitly engineered for urgent services, rescue operations, and 4 x 4 sectors.

Load cell dynamometers facilitate monitoring of force and load across an extensive array of industries and uses.


Crosby Tensile_load_cells
Crosby Compression_load_cells

Compression load cells

The Crosby Straightpoint collection of cable-connected and cordless compression

load cell series merges robust design, top-notch precision, and substantial capacity into an affordable product for load measurement and supervision. The compression load cells from Crosby Straightpoint are utilized daily in compressive power examination, structural mass gauging, and for confirming mass and center of gravity. They are obtainable in both wired or wireless models to accommodate your requirements.


Load cells with shackle

The “Loadshackle” series

offers a highly efficient and user-friendly low-height load monitoring system for the lifting industry. The incorporation of the load cell into the ring pin results in a compact and lightweight solution for load monitoring that still fulfills industry standards for Safe Working Load (SWL) and accuracy.

These favored Load Monitoring Indicator (LMI) systems can be obtained as wired, wireless, or telemetry load cells.


Crosby Clamp_tension_meter

Clamp tensiometer

The most recent advancement from Crosby Straightpoint

is the Clamp inline tensiometer, which comes equipped with a COLT Bluetooth application compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

This device, being simple to operate and light in weight with an extensive inventory of wire ropes, is highly favored by firms dealing in steel ropes. Its unique value lies in its ability to upkeep guy wires on structures such as cable-stayed towers, bridges, antennas, and pylons. Additionally, it is adept at gauging tension on elevators.


Running line dynamometers

The TIMH voltage meter series is specially designed considering harbor, nautical, offshore, towing, and rescue operations.

Its practicality stands out in situations where there are no anchors or dead ends on the line to install a Straightpoint Radiolink or Loadlink digital dynamometer for tension force measurement.

CableSafe is used to draw electrical and communication cables and it interfaces with Crosby Straightpoint’s complimentary HHP Bluetooth application.


Crosby Running Line Dynamometers

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