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Blokcam audio and video systems


Prioritizing Safety Above All!

We perceive the crane as the central element of any construction site, and we recognize the crucial role of ensuring the safety and functionality of the lifting team and all site workers. We enhance communication during hoisting activities by utilizing sophisticated audiovisual technologies. We manufacture top-notch, custom-designed hook mounted safety apparatus.

Our products are categorized into two groups: BlokAlert and BlokCam.


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is a cordless audio-visual alert mechanism that can be swiftly and effortlessly mounted on the hook block of a crane. Upon being triggered by the lifting team, the BlokAlert receiver releases a distinct sound and light signal, which is perceivable by onsite staff members in the surrounding area of the hook block or load. This serves to notify workers about the position and activity of the hook block, enhancing alertness and minimizing the likelihood of being hit by the crane hook block, associated lifting gear or load.


is a cordless mechanism that can be swiftly and effortlessly installed on the hook block or boom end of a crane. The audio and visual perspectives from underneath the camera get wirelessly broadcasted and picked up through antenna systems, displaying on a monitor inside the cabin. This grants the operator the ability to visually and audibly perceive the cargo and its surrounding circumstances, offering a real-time, clear audio-visual stream of vital spots that would otherwise be inaccessible when operating blindly.