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Ropeblock Sockets


SIRTEF always keep on stock a significant quantity of Ropeblock sockets of any kind: open wedge sockets, open end closed spelter sockets, open and closed swage type, fast reeve sockets and bridge sockets for structural applications. All the different models may be supplied either painted or hot dip galvanized.

Since more than 20 years SIRTEF can count on the fruitful partnership with the Dutch manufacturer Ropeblock of which it has the Exclusive Distributorship for Italy.
The Holland based company is a custom made manufacturer of crane blocks and sockets. SIRTEF and Ropeblock together have developed many projects in the maritime and offshore industry always with success and positive feed-backs from the end users.

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Open-Closed Spelter Socket

Quenched and tempered cast steel range with mechanical values (charpy-V > 42 Joule/-20 °C ) for tough and low temperature use. For wire rope diameter mm. 8 – 140 (1/4” – 5.1/2”).

All spelter sockets have a 100% efficiency on wire rope MBL.

The open spelter socket have pin secured by cotter pin or bolt, nut and cotter. Optional is a flange connection for use a bend stiffener.

ROPEBLOCK SOCKETS toopenspelter_socket

Short Bow Socket

The Short bow socket is the “ultimate” socket for dynamic loads. Tower lines, anchor lines and chain-rope connections used by major offshore contractors.

Quenched and tempered cast steel with extremely high mechanical values for unmatched weight to MBL ratio. All spelter socket have a 100% efficiency on wire rope MBL.

Fast Connector Sockets

The Fast connector socket is specifically designed for mobile and crawler cranes as an alternative to wedge sockets, but with the benefit of 100% efficiency on the wire rope MBL.

Open-Closed Wedge Socket

Quick detachable socket range for wire rope diameter 7 – 86 mm ( 5/16” – 3.3/8” ). Basket and the wedge in quenched and tempered cast steel. Wedge and basket are designed for easy installation and optimal wire rope efficiency.

The efficiency of a 6 or 8 strand wire rope and most high performance ropes with a wedge socket connection is 80% of the MBL of the wire rope, but limited to the MBL of the socket.

Open-Closed Swadge Socket

The line of Open-Closed swage sockets is a completion of the line sockets. Forged from special C-1035 steel, fine grain, special bar quality. Spheroidized annealed for cold swaging.

ROPEBLOCK SOCKETS - socket closed

Super Reeve Connector Sockets

Super Reeve is a revolutionary evolution of the fast connector socket. This socket line has the smallest connector diameter available in the market today, and still meets the respective EN standards. It has been designed to go through the smallest spaces in a crane reeving system. This unique patent pending design allows refitting by pouring in the field, saving valuable down time compared to swaging techniques.