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GUNNEBO Offshore Artic


For an extended period, GUNNEBO has been advancing products that conform to the rigorous demands of the offshore oil and gas sector. The operational environment is challenging, necessitating products capable of enduring extreme circumstances.

They have received endorsement from DNV in line with DNV specification 2.7-1.

The Offshore Artic lifting systems are valued for their durability and excellence. Irrespective of the prevailing environmental conditions, our systems deliver lifting operations with utmost safety.
The product lineup from Offshore Artic encompasses self-fastening eye hooks and self-fastening swivel hooks, both equipped with bearings. These self-fastening hooks are unique in the market for their hot-dip galvanization (HDG) and fluorescent coating, enhancing their visibility in harsh environments. Additionally, they have been meticulously designed and constructed to meet stringent standards to prevent hydrogen embrittlement.
The edition featuring the WRIN STR Handle: this handle permits the user to operate the safety hook, opening and closing it, without needing to place their hands inside the hook. This results in a significant decrease in potential harm or injury risks at building sites. The handle can be effortlessly attached to the safety hook, without negatively affecting the design consistency or operational efficiency of the hook.

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