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One of the Crosby key product in its vast range of lifting accessories it is the shackle. All the Crosby shackles are forged, complete with all the necessary data to guarantee a full traceability of the product (P.I.C.) including the batch number, with the QUIC-CHECK markings to quickly verify the approximate angle in order to avoid any loss in the efficiency of the product, equipped with RFID for all the shackles larger than 25 T. and the well know red pin that since ever identify the original CROSBY shackles.

The range is wide and deep, here below we mention few of the several models available: anchor and chain screw pin shackles (G-209/G-210), anchor and chain bolt type shackles (G-2130/G-2150), alloy anchor shackles (G-2140) with reduced dimensions respect to the standard ones and same capacity, “WIDE BODYanchor shackles (G-2160/G-2170) dedicated to slings and grommets applications. These last two types have been improved by a new pin locking device called Easy-Loc (G-2160), by enlarging the body (G-2170) in order to avoid any efficiency loss of the grommets and last but not least increasing the range starting from 7 tons capacity.

There are the COLD TUFF shackles (G-2130 CT and G-2140 CT) certified to operate at very low temperature till -50°C and shackle specifically dedicated to the show biz (S209T theatrical shackles) with black paint finishing and the ROV shackles (G209R) for subsea operations handled by robots.

All the CROSBY shackles are Fatigue Rated to 20.000 cycles at 1.5 the working load limit.

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