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Sirtef srl

is a company established in 1976. Even if it is almost 50 years old it still remains a very dynamic and young company that distinguishes itself for the competence and professionalism of its people in the international market.

It is a company specialized in the steel wire rope industry and more in general in the lifting accessories and fittings business with a specific view on the oil & gas industry both onshore and offshore.

The constant

research and development

of new products is part on the company’s attitude towards the business since ever ; this innovative mind orientation linked to the managerial far-sightedness are all elements that, today as in the past, guarantee an undisputable quality competitiveness in the market.

Since ever SIRTEF core product is steel wire rope and all the lifting items that can be manufactured by using steel wire rope.
Steel wire rope pennants with spelter sockets of any kind , steel wire rope pennants with swage terminals, steel wire rope with threaded terminals , steel wire rope grommets, steel wire rope slings with custom’s made end fittings, and any fitting or device that can be of assistance in liftinganchoringmooring and lashing operations is of our concern.


SIRTEF may count on a modern and complete testing laboratory where its people can perform both destructive and non-destructive tests of any kind. SIRTEF has duly technically trained its staff because the only way to work professionally in the lifting business it is by knowing deeply the mechanical and technical characteristics of the steel wire ropes and the lifting accessories and fittings.

Our  Team are made by highly skilled and motivated people that work with passion to make SIRTEF a brand more and more well-known and appreciated by the market.

Our technicians and sales people together with the colleagues

Our technicians and sales people together with the

activities are at your disposal every day to help and assist you with professionalism and experience in any kind of business needs you may have.

Our manufacturing departments,

highly skilled and trained, is able to reply to any demand for “heavy” lifting and technically demanding lifting and rigging operations …we are ready for your next challenge!



Certification ISO 9001

is the International Standard to check the quality trough the controlled management of all the activities developed in the company.

SIRTEF is approved  

ISO 9001:2015 by Registro Italiano Navale,

and this is the best guarantee for the customer to get constant, reliable and qualified services and products. Even our “training program” has been approved by RINA.
SIRTEF approach towards the certification issue is a mix of high professionalism and continuous effort involving the Company as a whole, the products and services Sirtef deals with.

Our technical and commercial people are constantly updated on the existing International Standards and on the proper use and maintenance of all the products we sell in the market.
Our employees are regularly attending to training courses and seminars organized in cooperation with our main suppliers and professionals.

In addition to the ISO 9001 certification, SIRTEF has got the RINA approval for all the main production procedures such as : rope socketing both with resin and melted metal, Flemish eyes with steel ferrules and mechanically spliced eyes.

Here below the list of all the main licenses and certifications obtained by our technicians:

  • Non destructive tests, NDT II° Level for “penetrants” by RINA;
  • Level II° qualification in performing Non Destructive Tests on wire ropes used for lifting, transportation of people and goods and of structures under tension;
  • Non destructive tests, NDT II° Level for “MPI” by RINA;
  • RINA approval for molten metal and resin socketing;
  • RINA approval for aluminum and steel sleeved rope terminations;
  • OPITO “Basic offshore safety induction & emergency training” by APT

Some among the Seminars and training organized by SIRTEF with its partners:

  • “The proper use of selected Crosby lifting & rigging”
  • “Block clinic technologies and working with McKissick”
  • “Rigging and slinging ” LEEA certified;
  • “National swager training program”
  • “IP plate clamps Repair Authorization”
  • “Training SWF 2011 on chain blocks”
  • “Wire rope Examiners” by Evita
  • “New Generation Wire Rope and Applications” by Verope