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SIRTEF aims to support the customers with its skills, expertise and specific knowledge of the business specifically to assist the safety managers, all the personnel involved in lifting operations, the engineers and purchasing  people in choosing with due competence the most suitable products and lifting solutions for specific needs.

Since several years SIRTEF organizes, as a real value added service, professional training and seminars focused on lifting operations and safety procedures.
The school target is to train all the persons involved in the business in the practical appliances of the lifting products and machineries in observance of  the existing safety regulations and advices.

In our opinion this is the due reply to a growing demand for a higher workers safeguard  and for healthier working conditions  coming from the lifting industry as a whole.

SIRTEF training school pays a great attention on the preliminary analysis of the customers’ needs in order to offer then coherent replies to the problems faced by the end-users, granting a specific approach to the topics instead of a general overview on the applications.

In order to prepare its technical staff correctly, SIRTEF invests in internal training consistency and with commitment.
In collaboration with external organizations and our partners, leaders in the lifting business as Crosby and Verope, It organizes training courses and update courses for its staff and for some of its most important customers.

Here below some of the training courses that have been organized in recent years for this purpose:

  • The proper use of selected Crosby lifting & rigging”
  • “Block clinic technologies and working with McKissick”
  • “Rigging and slinging ” LEEA certified;
  • “National swager training program”
  • “IP plate clamps Repair Authorization”
  • “Training SWF 2011 on chain blocks”
  • “Wire rope Examiners” by Evita
  • “New Generation Wire Rope and Applications” by Verope
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Sirtef Training

Also the activity carried out from the school of formation has become part of the scope of certification obtained with the RINA (ISO 9001) that annually controls and evaluates the activities of the same one.

Manuali di Formazione Sirtef