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Clamps for Steel Products


The Holland based manufacturer of clamps IP was taken over by The Crosby Group in 2005.
IP products have always been considered by the end users among the best in terms of quality and reliability in the international market. These lifting devices are used for different applications such as: shipyards, aeronautical, offshore, building, steel structures and chemical industries.

The clamps range offers different specific solutions to various lifting configurations:

  • vertical lifting,
  • turning and transfer of steel plates,
  • horizontal lifting and transfer of steel plates,
  • transfer of bundles of plates,
  • transfer and stacking of steel beams,
  • transfer and placing of complete ship sections,
  • lifting of steel drums,
  • transfer and placing of bulb profiles and lift of steel products with hardness values higher than the standard ones.
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Pinze di sollevamento lamiere IP Crosby

Many items are available with special non marring protections too in order to avoid any potential damages to the surface of the materials handled, other type of clamps have the possibility to install special parts suitable for stainless steel products.

All the IP clamps can be repaired and certified again always through an official Crosby dealer duly qualified by IP to take care of the maintenance and repair of the clamps.

Another company that became part of the Crosby Group is the American producer of special grabs and clamps CLAMP-CO. Its range is focused on lifting clamps and grabs for pipes, beams, barriers and granite curbs.