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After the triumphant opening of the Panama Canal took place some months ago we talked about in our News, the steel wire ropes and lifting accessories come back at high altitude once again in order to complete the manufacture of a pedestrian walkway between the mountains, to link points previously joined only by the void.

On July 20th 2016, in the town of Chamonix, on the French side of Mont Blanc, the cycle-pedestrian walkway that join the shores of the “De La Creuse” creek was inaugurated. The project was managed by Ediluboz company in partnership with SIRTEF for the supply of the spiral strands, the pendants and the accessories for the suspension and the safety of the pedestrian walkway. This work provides to the hikers a new pedestrian path totally safe that allows them to cross over the creek, option not available before, giving to many fans who passes through this fields the opportunity to aim for the Bossons and the Aiguille du Midi glaciers more easily and quickly.
This pedestrian bridge is 27 meters long and is suspended at 13 meters above the creek. This project is funded by Autostrade and the Mont Blanc Tunnel (ATMB).

Una passerella ciclo-pedonale sul Monte Bianco con le funi SIRTEF

Technical Data and Applications

The steel wire ropes and pendants execution required about 300 meters of rope, between the different diameters mm. 36, mm. 16, mm. 10 and mm. 8. For the hangers, They have been used 10 mm spiral strands, while the two arms terminal has been completed with a 6 strands steel wire rope. Here below, the kind of socket used for the sling manufacture that SIRTEF used for the support and safety in each application:

  • Spelter Socket EN 13411-4,
  • Swadge Socket EN 13411-3 and cold pressing according to EN 13411-8.

All the applications on the steel wire ropes of this cycle-pedestrian walkway were manufactured by SIRTEF, including the terminals that connect the main steel wire ropes with the pendants of rope

Here below other pedestrian bridges realized with SIRTEF steel wire ropes and lifting fittings application:

  1. SIRTEF steel wire ropes for Rabbi Tibetan bridge in Trentino
  2. New Pedestrian Bridge on the Orrido of Pré-Saint-Didier