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After two posts about Inside SIRTEF focused on test and technical audits took on steel wire ropes and lifting accessories, we come back to the projects realized in partnership with our national and international customers, in particular in the marine and offshore industry, of which in the past we have been successful players of important achievements.

Today we show you a spectacular photo gallery regarding lifting operations made in December in Trieste, in the repair basin of Fincantieri at the Arsenal dock.

Imbarco Bilancino di sollevamento

The ship name is Costa Fascinosa owned by Costa Crociere company, the lifting spreader beam supplied by SIRTEF raised and placed a big generator on board.
SIRTEF has designed, manufactured and delivered the spreader beam and the lifting equipment dedicated to lift the generator in a very short time, to meet the customer’s special requirements, such as the certainty of work with a skilled and reliable supplier in the lifting business, the need to have quick answers and receiving a product with the highest quality standards.

Here below some technical details:

Application: Lifting Spreader Beam for loading a generator on Costa Fascinosa ship

  • Size: MT. 5,8X3,4xH3,3 ca.
  • Weight: 20.000 KG.

Achievements in Project:

  1. Custom-made product, complete with all the necessary certifications, with extra-rapid design time and implementation (the ship was docked for maintenance and the timing of construction and delivery are always very restrictive),
  2. Rapid preparation of technical drawings, specific certifications and manuals for use and maintenance, thanks to a specialized technical team dedicated to customer,
  3. Time monitoring of the frame realization,
  4. Calculation of WLL, dimensioning and assembly of slings needed,
  5. Careful management of dedicated transport,
  6. Delivery on time.