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In the 1979 the newborn company SIRTEF, today one of the leading Italian companies in the lifting business, supplied its lifting systems for a construction site in Iran called “IGAT 2“, where one of the Italian petroleum giants was engaged in the realization of a big project…

SIRTEF had been providing avant-garde lifting systems for those times, composed of Pipeline Laying Plates and Polyester Slings that ideally gave her the opportunity to follow the footsteps of Jules Verne in the legendary novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, allowing to oil and gas channels to be placed underground, in barren lands and far from the civilization.


The Pipeline Laying Plate are used to manage the lifting and moving at the construction of the pipes site which then will be placed underground (landfill), inasmuch we talk about channels that are usually utilized for a long distance methane and gas or petroleum and derivatives conveying.

The complexity of these lifting operations derives from the type of land we find in the interested project areas. Very often, we find sites with different types of land and landforms, and very often in deserts or extreme climates environment. Elements that make realization of the whole work more challenging and complex, highlighting the need to equip themselves with tools, technology, and flexible lifting systems, durable and suitable for operation in all weather conditions.

cantiere per sollevamento tubi con fasce poliestere e ganci posatubi per le pipeline sirtef

Exactly for these reasons We use the Polyester Slings made of synthetic material, designed to ensure the safety of the pipes, avoiding any kind of damage or trouble caused by climatic conditions, due to the fact they don’t undergo deformation nor with the absorption of water nor with ultraviolet rays of sun.

Supplied with the slings there are always Pipeline Laying Plates that complete the assembled lifting systems, distributed by SIRTEF in Europe and all around the world.

ganci posatubi per le pipeline sirtef

And if today, after almost 40 years by the suggestive and far 1979′ pictures, we all continue to work on building sites in this way and with these tools, we can consider the set of Polyester Slings and Pipeline Laying Plate a best practice for lifting systems of all times and at all latitudes.

As we can see in the picture here below, still now in the building sites around the world (here Saipem in Georgia) Polyester Slings and Pipeline Laying Plate work at all depths and with different types of land.

Ganci posatubi e fasce in poliestere: al Centro della Terra con SIRTEF

Pipeline laying plate technical design

disegno tecnico ganci posatubi per le pipeline