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Another suspended bridge on the overhanging in the present and in the future of SIRTEF, after Pré-Saint-Didier Pedestrian Bridge about which we talked few months ago.
These Projects are created to enhance a territory, to improve support services for local tourism, to give an opportunity to the travelers to discover and visit natural treasures.

We are in Rabbi, a small country in Rabbi Valley (Trentino – Province of Trento), and we are talking about a Tibetan bridge almost 100 meters length suspended at 1366 meters high above sea level, above the waterfalls of Rio Ragaiolo. A nature stroll, a new tourist destination crossable by foot or snowshoes throughout the year, which will allow tourists to enjoy an innovative view of the valley on the stream that runs 60 meters lower.

The bridge, which will be open to the public during 2016’s spring after finishing the trail network and service areas, is the result of a collaboration between GAL (Local Action Groups), the Stelvio National Park, the Rabbi (TN) municipality and the Community of Val di Sole. The tender for the project execution, developed by Ing. Leoni of Studio Sintesi, was won by the HTB Hoch Tief Bau of Nalles (BZ), a company able to provide both specific equipment to work on the side of the mountain and expert rock climber team, with adequate fall protection and according to the regulations for temporary work at height with access and steel wire ropes positioning system (art. 116 of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008). Works began the second week of September and have been concluded on November 26 for a total investment of approximately € 300,000.

Funi Spiroidali Sirtef per Ponte Tibetano Rabbi

From the technical point of view, the bridge is “suspended” type on steel wire ropes provided by SIRTEF of about 100 meters length, designed in order to be considered a good compromise between the architectural shape (curvature of the article) and the value of steel wire ropes tension. The walkway was built to be easily accessible,walkable and to ensure maximum safety during the crossing and durability in the future, thanks to the metal panels of the basic pedestrian that prevent stagnation of water and dirt.
The bridge is composed of 4 steel wire ropes: 2 lower run at the intrados of the metal elements supporting the pedestrian floor and 2 superior constituting the handrail.

funi spiroidali sirtef per il ponte tibetano di rabbi vista cascate

Here below the technical specifications of the steel wire ropes:

Type: Spiral ropes,
Use: general structural,
Diameter = 30 mm,
Type construction: 1X37 steel wire class 1770 N / mm²
Minimum breaking load guaranteed for single steel wire rope: 817 kN.
Distance between the lower steel wire ropes: 102.90 cm
Distance between the upper steel wire ropes: 144.00 cm

The four main steel wire ropes are attached to the foundation blocks by plates properly anchored; the foundation block subject to traction is anchored to the ground through 4 steel tie-bars type DYWIDAG 35 mm, 12 mtrs length, while the block subjected to the compression (where the column is fixed) is fixed to the ground with 4 micropiles in bars 35 mm type GEWI 6 mtrs long.