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In the first meeting with the new editorial Inside SIRTEF, focused on numbers and operations inside our company, we have talked about the importance regarding tests and certified inspections of products as steel wire ropes, rope slings and lifting accessories.

Today we’ll see more in detail the test service, considering in particular the results of the tests performed on the special steel wire rope Veropro 10 by Verope, on which we made some checks post selling for one of the major manufacturer of drilling equipment.
We are talking about a 10 compacted strands steel wire rope, especially flexible and highly resistant to wear, as you can see in the technical data sheet.

We used four different ropes in our tests, all installed on the same machine with the 34 pennant equipped with an open spelter sockets at each end.
The audit was conducted after a year from the installation, throughout which the ropes (during periodic inspections) had not given any sign of wear and / or any technical problems. The client wanted to verify the actual state of wear through a deep check, in order to verify if it was possible to reach an higher hours-lasting than the one totalized in this first test.

Il Collaudo della fune speciale Veropro 10

The average lasting of the steel wire ropes on these machines is 6000 ton / km, the VEROPRO 10 had already reached about 18,000 ton / km when dismounted, an excellent result which demonstrates once again the quality of the Verope steel wire ropes and the reliability of product and lifting systems assembled by SIRTEF.

Il Collaudo della fune speciale Veropro 10-2
Based on the result of the inspection and tests, it was found that steel wire ropes showed no signal that indicates the need to remove them from service, neither in the short nor in the medium term. In fact all the ropes showed a level of total general wear, not considerable as cause of any % of damage, as per ISO 4309 determination of the % of total deterioration of the rope, to discard it.

Here below the measurements about Veropro 10 steel wire rope: