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On our earlier news “SIRTEF takes part in the expansion of the Panama Canal”, we shared with you our professional pleasure, for the supply of all the special steel wire ropes and sheaves needed, for what many people today define as the most worldwide important construction site.

The operations requested to activate and test the new basins of the Panama Canal, have been proceeding vigorously. All the bulkheads included the steel wire ropes and the sheaves supplied by SIRTEF to Cimolai Technology for the gates’ sliding (19.8 Km. of Veropro-8 d.46 mm. steel wire rope from Verope and 226 Crosby Mc Kissick d.1635 mm. sheaves), have been installed and already operating, a few months ago since.

The ample pools have been flooded a long since, and the opening and closing loops of the gates that alternately divide and combine, the wild waters of Atlantic and Pacific oceans, catalyze the attentions of Technicians and authorized personnel, on the chaotic rush to the renewed Canal activation.

The current GUPC (Grupo Unidos per el Cnal) goal is to move the first boat within next few months, before the 2015 end, facing with determination and promptness, the inevitable difficulties, that a titanic activity such as the basin doubling, involves.

Based on the GUPC schedule, the entire basin should be totally activated within May 2016.

In this exciting context, SIRTEF is proud to have the opportunity to bring again his little contribution, having win a new order for 16 sheaves, that will compose a maintenance kit, necessary to guaranty the structure efficiency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.