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We’re frequently used to get our job done repetitively, mainly focusing on what we’re used to do rather than wondering how we could work in a better way.
For example introducing some working process innovations, or choosing the industrial partner whose able to offer more guarantees referring to a specific context.

If your product handling, asks for a specific project planning of lifting beams and the related slings and equipment to improve your business and fulfill your goals, SIRTEF has the experience in the field and all what it takes to become your ideal partner.

Recently two great Italian companies such as Fincantieri and Rosetti Marino spa chose SIRTEF, specifically for:

  • the supply of a 11,5 mtrs. length WLL 40 Tonnes lifting beam configurable on 10 different axel-spacing for the lifeboats handling and for the related cranes testing, achieving the following key points:
    1. a single spreader suitable for two different purposes: several dimensions-and-weights lifeboats lifting-and-handling and  load proof testing,, freefall sharp-stop test included.
    2. clear and intuitive labelling of the different WLL in relation to the various possible hooking configurations.
    3. the compliance with the applicable EN13155 rules and with the “EC” marking requirements.
  • the supply of a 7,75 mt. length WLL 400 Tonnes modular spreader to lift some Jackets addressed to the North Africa Offshore Gas Project, in the Mediterranean sea, with the following features:
    1. high WLL at the maximum axel-spacing
    2. possibility to use the spreader again for others Heavy Lift operations, up to a maximum WLL of 600 Tonnes. (reducing the modular centre-to-centre distance), or reaching the maximum 30 mtrs. length (with the resulting reduction of WLL).
    3. production of all the Grommets and Flemish Eyes Slings as per Offshore applications requirements
    4. Rina Third Party Witnessed Test
Our lifting applications experience gained since 1976 allows us to reach a very wide knowledge range, which has been increased during the last years on lifting planning support activities. This task, performed in total synergy with our customers, besides including the needed lifting technical equipment supply, involves the following features:
  • all the certificates required by the rules,
  • detailed Operation-and-Maintenance Manual,
  • the test certificate made by SIRTEF or by Third Parties such as Rina, Lloyd’s, B.V., DNV, ABS, RMRS.

SIRTEF has strongly and accurately focused his attention on these aspects on the last decade, gaining a very high service level, even thanks to the higher number of Testing activities carried out at his headquarters to check the quality and strength of all the lifting fittings, wire ropes, slings and accessories.

We’re able to assist our customer starting from the project preliminary stage with different technical solutions, complying with the totally of activities required according to the specific testing plan and/or following the applicable regulations requirements, everything directly managed with our own team in possession of the CND control certification, according to UNI EN ISO 9712:2012 rules.

Thanks to them SIRTEF can carry out, in addition to the Proof Load Testing, the Magnetic Particle testing and/or Liquid Penetrant examination on the Lifting Equipment, particularly on the welding and on the wire rope end fittings, ensuring the strictest safety standards.

collaudo bilancino di sollevamento da 400ton
Any activity is planned at his source with dedicated inspection and check blueprints, presented for approval to all the people involved on the project (manufacturer, client and end user), for an absolutely transparent managing of all the steps that contribute to the optimal project success.

These are the strong points and characteristics that made of SIRTEF one of the leading and most well-known companies on Offshore, Naval, Oil&Gas, Nuclear Power fields at present, where top expertise, professionalism, high reliability are required together with the guarantee to rely to a supplier identified as the main reference partner from the greatest worldwide players of lifting field such as:

  • The Crosby Group,
  • Verope,
  • Ropeblock,
  • VanMechelen.