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The third consecutive participation of SIRTEF to OMC Exhibition in Ravenna (Offshore Mediterranean Conference) give us the chance to emphasize, once more, that SIRTEF is synonymous of quality and professionalism in the heavy lifting business and Offshore.

For the 2015 edition, we’ll work together again with our two main partners, Verope and Crosby, two companies of absolute importance and among the worldwide leading manufacturers respectively for special steel wire ropes and steel lifting accessories and fittings.
Together with these important players, SIRTEF took part and won the tender to supply steel wire ropes and sheaves that will run the third set of locks of the Panama Canal.

OMC 2015

In this edition, which promises to be even richer in content and participants than previous one in 2013, SIRTEF will introduce the CROSBY products line ROV, for underwater robotic work, while for Verope, the focus will be for the new rotation resistant steel wire ropes VEROTOP XP, the 8 strands VEROPRO RS 8 and 10 strands VEROTECH 10.