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Few weeks ago we introduced you an interesting project regarding the lifting beams for the Ariane 5 launcher, an excellent example of international project, where advanced technologies and tools work in perfect synergy with products and classic lifting systems. Today we are glad to inform you about another SIRTEF project dedicated to the Diving Industry.

The SIRTEF customer involved in this project is DRASS from Livorno, an Italian company leader in the Diving business: industrial, medical and military.
Our steel wire ropes have been used in the Industrial Diving division for deep underwater works, specifically for oil and gas pipelines.

Funi di acciaio

The customer used steel wire ropes and lifting accessories provided by SIRTEF, specifically VEROTOP and VEROTOP-E special wire ropes manufactured by VEROPE and CROSBY G-416 Open spelter sockets.
The Verope steel wire ropes are used to move and lift DRASS diving bell, wet bells, diving baskets and others underwater equipments from the ship, where customer’s system are installed, directly to the sea bed.
The owners build this type of ship specifically for the work in deep seas, then DRASS equips the ship with all the necessary machinery, including wire rope winches that installs SIRTES steel wire ropes, in order to enable technicians to work better in relevant depths with the bell.
For each bell, two diameters of VEROTOP steel wire rope were used, a rope is the primary (main wire) and the other is for the ballast (guide wire).

professional divers

Drass designs and manufactures diving systems since 1927 and with more than 40 saturation systems delivered worldwide, Drass is the world-recognized leader of Saturation Diving Systems design, manufacturing and installation.

professional divers at work