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The Crosby Group, a SIRTEF partner for lifting fittings and accessories, has always focused itself on innovation and research in their business.
At the end of 2013 has introduced the new shackle G-2170 for steel wire rope slings and specifically for endless round slings.
The new shackles are ideal for working with large flow wire rope slings that can be used both in lifting offshore and onshore in industrial business, as in the case of large constructions.

Crosby has developed G-2170 for lifting applications that require high capacity and limited overall dimensions, as in chemical plants, refineries, interstate highways construction or off-shore crane.
Compared to the shackles of the same type, they have a largest body to place better steel wire rope sling, reducing the usury and obtain an optimum yield.

This shackle type is provided with the new Crosby EasyLoc Bolt Securement system, a opening snap system fast and easy to use.
The shackle for endless round slings G-2170 has a range of capacities from 75 to 500 tons.

Technical Details:
The shackle body is designed with a contact surface that is at least 5 times higher than that of a round shackle, increasing the usable sling strength minimum by 60% and greatly improves the grommet sling life and efficiency.
The new G-2170 design allows a great versatility thanks to the increased surface area where It is possibile to insert large eyes.