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SIRTEF is a Crosby Group Master Distributor since 30 years, the American innovative and high quality lifting fittings manufacturer, which distributes its products in Italy and around the world

Always focused on research & development and innovation, Crosby introduced on the market in recent years, the accessories line named COLD TUFF, characterized by a range of products suitable for extreme climatic conditions use, designed and manufactured for the specific need to resist and work at temperatures below -40 ° C (the Shackles G-2130CT and 2130CT are certified for use up to – 50 ° C). The COLD TUFF products have been realized using Zinc Primer Inorganic or hot dipped galvanized.

COLD TUFF Program is composed by:

  1. Hoist Rings HR-1000CT -45°c
  2. Shackles G-2130CT and G-2140CT use up to -50°c
  3. Master Links A-342CT and A-345CT use up to -46°c

The COLD TUFF program‘s master links and shackles are DNV type approval according to DNV 2.7 / 1 Offshore Containers and Rules for Certification of lifting appliances.


The Crosby Group steel products, forged and cast, can be used in the general conditions of service up to temperatures of -40 ° F (-40 ° C).
In the case of temperatures from 0 ° F to -40 ° F (-18 ° C to -40 ° C) the correct implementation of the actions requires special attention in the following cases:

  1. The lifting should be done at a steady pace. Avoid overloading.
  2. The equipment with bearings should be checked and serviced more frequently and may require special lubrication.
  3. All lifting equipment should be checked before each lift.
  4. Remove notches, grooves or cracks by grinding (maximum removal of material equal to 5%).
  5. Do not use accessories that have been soldered or altered once they leave the factory.
  6. If deemed necessary by the user, the lifting equipment should be regularly inspected by an examination of the surface magnetic particle and liquid penetrant colored.

For actions at temperatures below -40 ° F (-40 ° C), you have to consider the “COLD TUFF” product.


With this line of accessories, The Crosby Group has given a significant contribution to the famous Antarctic expedition called “The Coldest Journey“, organized and led by the world’s greatest living explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, which includes the complete crossing of Antarctica during the winter.

Not only the shipment aims to complete this ambitious goal by testing the human resistance to climatic conditions impossible, but aims to raise $ 10 million for “Seeing is Believing”, a global charity initiative to fight avoidable blindness in developing countries development.