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VEROPRO 8 RS wire rope is the evolution of one of the most performing 8 strands steel wire rope in the lifting business: VEROPRO 8.
Verope has improved of 30% strands surface contact with the pulleys, drums, etc. making this rope even more resistant to accelerations, decelerations and to the contact pressure.

The outer strands special surface makes RS 8 VEROPRO a rope with the highest performance level and moreover, does not affect the pulley creating the “groove bottom damage” as we have with round strands wire ropes, extending in this way both the wire rope life and the pulley or drum’s life.

The VEROPRO 8 RS has been introduced in the market in 2013 and has established itself as ideal wire rope for applications where long life, excellent performance and high breaking load are needed.

Since 2004, SIRTEF is Verope exclusive partner for Italy and assembles and distributes its products all over the world.
The VEROPRO 8 RS has been successfully used in some mobile harbour cranes e off-shore cranes with some Far Est end users.

Technical Details:

  • 30 % wider surface area
  • better spooling behavior
  • higher breaking strength
  • more robust against wear
  • less negative imprints on sheave grooves
  • 8-strand rope design for extreme applications and hardest applications
  • multilayer spooling
  • intensive usage with high abrasive wear
  • enormous pressure on the rope surface