Galvanized Thimbles

Thimbles are a very common fitting in the steel wire rope business dedicated to protect the rope end in case of an eye termination.
It does not have either a safe working load or mechanical characteristics.
The thimble is used any time an eye termination needs a protection for the rope against a pin with limited diameter (i.e. shackle pin).

SIRTEF uses, as a standard, the type DIN 6899 galvanized heavy thimble to manufacture slings of any kind.

Redance Unav  Redance Unav

There are as well  reinforced heavy duty thimbles (type K2B) that are specifically used for large size diameter slings and for cable laid grommets. On customer’s demand we can supply any type of thimble from the stainless steel ones to the solid round shaped for cranes.

Solid round shaped

Here below all the range we manage:

  • galvanized thimbles
  • reinforced thimbles
  • clip and thimble