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Rigging and Lashing Products

Crosby has always considered carefully its product range dedicated to rigging and lashing operations.

The Crosby General Catalogue introduces a wide range of items to the market attention such as: galvanized wire rope thimble standard (G411) and Heavy type (G414) and the solid version S412 with central hole drilled according to customer request, the famous HG range of turnbuckles with all the possible combinations of end terminations (with eyes, jaws, hooks and threaded bar), several kind of links and master links (pear shaped G-341, ring S-643, forged master link A-342/G-340, welded master link A-344/A-347) and all the eye bolts and forged eye nuts for different kind of applications.

In the last years the American producer has focused its attention on the hoist rings developing its range with both metric and UNC threading.

Crosby offers different specific accessories that guarantee proper solutions for various lifting configurations, the bestselling items are the swivel hoist ring series HR 125 and HR 1000.

There are other items that complete the “Rigging program” such as the stainless steel swivel hoist ring SS-125, the weld on pivot links S-265 and the series HR-1000 CT engineered for heavy offshore lifting.