Steel wire rope sling Semi hand eye with Hard eye and steel ferule

A history of steel wire ropes and lifting, begun 40 years ago. The SIRTEF story, a family business founded in 1976, a company that has evolved and developed over the time to become an international reference in the special steel wire ropes and lifting business.

By a majestic scenery showed in the images, a perfect combination between man's work and nature, we want to share our reality and our values with YOU.

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X-rays of a Steel Wire Rope: Wires and Strands Lay

Steel Wire Rope – Ordinary Lay vs Lang’s

The basic elements which make a steel wire rope up are the steel wires, the strands and the core. The single wires wound in helical-shape around a central insert compose the strand. The strands in turn, wound around the core insert (fiber or steel wires’ core), compose the wire rope. The wire ropes may diversify for...