Verope and Sirtef: The perfect union for the special wire rope business

It was February 2004 when Pierre Verreet CEO of Casar, a leading company in the ropes world, left the company and founded Verope, thanks to the start-up of a joint venture between the Verreet family and Kiswire LTD. the first world-wide producer of steel wire ropes.

Pierre Verreet knew the Martucci family since years through the figure of carlo at first, SIRTEF founder in 1976, and then his son Marco, which became the company leader in early 2006.

An important relationship based on mutual respect and friendship had always characterized the cooperation between the Parties, and Verreet during that year of big changes immediately thinks about SIRTEF as a distributor for Italy, to begin the growth int the international market.

Verope - rely on

SIRTEF believes and invests time and resources into this partnership since the very beginning and this made it possible for It to become one of the first and most important Verope distributors in the world, at the same time Verope became one of the three greatest players in the special wire rope business, certainly the most focused on product's innovation.

Verope, which has about fifty distributors around the world with a total revenue of around 60 million euro, is considered a pioneer in all aspects.
This role is made possible by the recruitment of human and technical resources among the most prepared in the sector over the years and by the constant investment in research and development. Verope aims at ensuring to its products the best performance, durability and reliability without forgetting workers security.

SIRTEF in synergy and partnership with Verope whishes to become one of the leading international player in the special wire rope business trying to respond in the best way to the cranes market developments in coeherence with the business that is getting more and more international and globalized.

Just in June 2014 Verope celebrated its 10th anniversary by organizing an international event called xperienced Program.
This event gave Verope the opportunity to introduce the new Research and Development Center with its official opening. The Verope's R & D Center is the most technological and developed center in steel wire ropes world.

We are proud to have won the bet made 10 years ago to pursue our values and increasing our skills with a strategic partner like Verope and we're ready to face the new market challenges that future will bring...

Marco Martucci - CEO Sirtef