Since ever SIRTEF core product is steel wire rope and all the lifting items that can be manufactured by using steel wire rope.
Steel wire rope pennants with spelter sockets of any kind , steel wire rope pennants with swage terminals, steel wire rope with threaded terminals , steel wire rope grommets, steel wire rope slings with custom’s made end fittings, and any fitting or device that can be of assistance in lifting, anchoring, mooring and lashing operations is of our concern.

SIRTEF has available an impressive stock of steel wire ropes with diameters that may vary from 1 mm. to 104 mm. and an extensive assortment of lifting accessories and fittings of any kind, these are key factors to make out of it one of the major player in Europe in the steel wire rope lifting business.

SIRTEF represents a constantly growing company, it pursues with coherency one main goal: high quality of its products combined with high reliability and competence of its own staff to accomplish to customer requirements and expectations.

In order to reach the above aim, SIRTEF may count on a modern and complete testing laboratory where its people can perform both destructive and non-destructive tests of any kind. SIRTEF has duly technically trained its staff because the only way to work professionally in the lifting business it is by knowing deeply the mechanical and technical characteristics of the steel wire ropes and the lifting accessories and fittings.