In addition to the production and trading activities, SIRTEF has dedicated investments and resources to implement a complete service offer for its customers.

The testing service it is undoubtedly the most relevant one.

All the products SIRTEF deals with are certified either by the supplier or by us further to appropriate tests and checks. Based on specific customer's needs, we are able to perform tests both non-destructive and destructive on all the products we supply.
All the non-destructive controls related to steel fittings for lifting, lashing and anchoring, are done in our internal laboratory assessed by the main International Registers.

Our test bench has a capacity of 150 T. and it has been engineered with specific technical arrangements to make almost any kind of test, including pre-stretching on ropes and proof load test on any kind of terminals.

Load test on crane block  Load test on crane block  Load test on crane block

The vertical pull testing machine dedicated to the single wires and the micro cables and the Keller Bohacek apparatus are the perfect completion to the bench to test thoroughly a steel wire rope.
In 2013 we performed more than 330 tests witnessed by Third Parties and this achievement make SIRTEF one of the European leading company in this specific business area either for marine and offshore or for industrial application.

SIRTEF is an ISO 9001 certified company since almost 20 years and beyond this assessment it has got the RINA approval for all its manufacturing specifications to produce any kind of steel wire rope slings and pennants.

Moreover SIRTEF has all the necessary devices and the due certifications to carry out internally all the non-destructive tests (MT/UT , hardness, etc.) on accessories and fittings of any kind.