Periodic Check for Slings and Lifting Accessories

SAFETY at work is very important. That’s why SIRTEF has created its “SIRTEF Inspection Service” (SIS) that, based on what established by the Legislative Decree 81 of 2008 and using its mobile units, guarantees a complete control of your lifting equipment directly in your Company.

Thanks to its own units, SIRTEF shall:

  • Verify the persistence and / or changes occurred on the equipment at the date of the planned inspection versus originally existing features of the same equipment at the time of its fabrication or initial check;
  • Conduct a census of all the material subject to Regulations and currently still there in your factory
  • Check existing compliance of the lifting accessories with the safety regulations without stopping the production or the contemporary use of the machine;
  • Discard any devices and / or products found as not being in compliance with the current regulations;
  • Train and educate personnel for being responsible of the correct use of the product (if required, SIRTEF can perform specific training courses on lifting equipment);
  • Look for possible alternatives that can be more suitable to the specific use and may even lead to economic advantages for your business itself.
Tubular sling in polyester with textile core spillage

The control service is carried out by SIRTEF Technicians coming to your operating site directly by a van equipped with all necessary controlling instruments for doing the inspection on site.

The lifting equipment subject to regular check are the following:

  • Lifting slings,
  • rope slings,
  • chains and polyester slings,
  • shackles,
  • eyebolts,
  • hoists and any other kind of lifting accessories.

The techniques applied for non-destructive testing are:

  • Visual examination 
  • Dimensional check (by gauge)
Wire rope with obvious broken wires

On request:

  • Penetrating liquid control (PT)
  • Magnetic particle control (MT)
  • Magnetic-inductive control (MRT)

Our  technicians, in addition to a solid experience acquired in SIRTEF production departments, have got the following certifications:

  1. Second level operator qualification "Non-destructive testing" for the " Penetrating liquid " method
  2. Second level operator qualification "Non-destructive testing" for the "Magnetic particle " method
  3. Second level operator qualification "Non-destructive testing" for the "Magneto-Inductive" method
Lifting beam with folded brackets  Deformed Eyebolt   Chain with a net break  Worn chain