Non-Destructive Controls on Steel Wire Rope and Lifting Accessories

SIRTEF has got inside personnel qualified by the CICPND and certified at the 2nd level to make Non-Destructive Controls on steel wire ropes, slings and lifting accessories with the following methods:

Penetrating Liquids

This kind of control is carried out to highlight defects on surfaces of any kind of material (castings, welding, pipes, etc.). The non-destructive test method with penetrating liquids is based on visual examination of the surface after the application, in sequence, of a penetrating product and a detector one.

Pear Sockets - end of check

The method makes all discontinuities visible on the surface as they normally are not visible or are hardly visible to the naked eye instead. Here below technical details:

  • Controllable surfaces:
    Actually, all non-porous surfaces, areas without grooves or areas able to absorb penetrating liquids.
  • Detectable Defects:
    Surface defects such as cracks, porosity, folds and incisions
  • Functionality:
    Easy to use – applicable on site - sensitive to even apparently un-significant defects
  • Application:
    Surface controls on non-porous materials

Magneto-scope Control

This kind of control is based on the deviation the magnetic field lines, as being induced in a ferromagnetic material, undergo at the presence of some discontinuity.
It is used in the control of welding, castings, etc.

Check welds of Spreader beam suspension ears

Here below the technical details:

  • Detectable Features:
    Magnetic flow dispersed due to superficial or sub-superficial discontinuities such as: cracks, cavities and inclusions
  • Functionality:
    Sensitive to both surface and sub-surface defects
  • Application:
    Surface and sub-surface controls on all ferromagnetic materials
Check welds on Spreader Beam - white lacquer