Assembly and Controls on Steel Ropes

Assembly and Replacement of Steel Ropes

Thanks to its technical staff’s experience, SIRTEF can offer service for replacing ropes on mobile harbor cranes (MHC, G HMK, LHM).

Mobile crane ready for the replacement of ropes
Cable unwinding operation

Periodic or extraordinary control of steel wire rope by Magneto-inductive method (MRT)

The periodic or extraordinary control of wire ropes is one of the fundamental operations of the field with the main purpose to safe-guard the operational integrity of lifting equipment and the good safety of user operators.

A conservative control of the status of an important part of lifting equipment,  as the rope is, not only is regulated by law (quarterly check required) but also has got the relevant aim to avoid accidents, downtime and / or to define a careful planning of periodic replacement of ropes due to rope wear itself.

Controls made by following the Magneto-inductive method is a good alternative to traditional kind of controls (visual/dimensional) when these ones, being hard to handle due to some specific reasons, may lead to unsatisfactory results.

Rope control on a crane winch  Rope control with magneto inductive yoke  Pulley control