Structural Spiral Strands

This kind ofrope” it is specifically dedicated to static applications such as: structural constructions, bridges and everywhere it is needed  to get lighter load bearing components respect to the standard materials (concrete, steel bars, lamellar wood, etc.) and at the same time related to aesthetic concerns.

SIRTEF has developed several projects with spiral strands and special end terminations such as bridges, footpaths, frontispiece of fascinating buildings, panorama mountain structures, motorway  toll houses, etc.

Structural Spiral Strands for fireplace vent

Further to the engineering, manufacturing and installation of pennants and related steel components, we are able to test all the products thanks to specific devices and skilled and qualified personnel. We can perform NDT (MPI, UT, PT) if it is the case witnessed by Third Parties qualified I.A.C.S.(Lloyd’s Register, R.I.Na., D.N.V., B.V. , A.B.S., etc.).

Spiral strand

We have a pre-stretching line in house that allows us to perform proof load tests and to tension the strands during the measuring and cutting activities.

  • Spiral strands (pag.3 Catalogue “ Funi per impieghi strutturali”)
  • Locked coil ropes (pag.4 Catalogue “Funi per impieghi strutturali”)