Spiral strands

The Spiral strands steel wire ropes spiroid are made by harmonic high-strength steel wires hot-dip galvanized. They must be composed of layers of round wires helically wound around a central core.
The wires outer layers shape should be such as to ensure a mutual locking of the wires in order to obtain a compact section.
The main features of corrosion-resistance of the wire must conform UNI EN 12385-10, while galvanizing and wire ductility must comply with the standards UNI EN 10264 class A.

Spiral strand sectionThe steel wire ropes for structural applications must be pay close plant in order to eliminate any inelastic deformation and to stabilize the initial elasticity module. 

The pre-stretching is carried out with different cycles from 10% to 50% of the minimum breaking force in order to stabilize the elasticity module.

The steel wire ropes end-terminations must be anchored with elements resistant to steel wire rope breaking strength.

The connection with the rope must meet the requirements of the UNI EN 13411-4, with the use of resins or jet of pure zinc in the molten state.

Close spiral strand  Pennant with spiral strand