Non rotation resistant steel wire ropes

Non rotation resistant steel wire ropes are  usually made of 6 or 8 outer strands. They are the most commonly used to perform lifting operations that do not present specific problems or require high performance such as standard overhead cranes or traction winches. They are used as well to manufacture any kind of  slings, pennants and grommets.

SIRTEF usually has on stock a large stock of ropes of almost any kind, either with fiber core or steel core, either in bright or galvanized finishing and even in stainless steel un-magnetic. Our ropes may be supplied either fully or partially lubricated ( dry outside and lubricated inside).

The 8 strand is the evolution of the “best seller” 6 strands constructions; the 8 strands are getting more and more popular, above all in the compacted version with plastic coated core, because the guarantee a better contact area with the sheave grooves and the winches with which they normally work in strict contact, they are more flexible so they have a better fatigue and bending resistance.

Section 6 strands steel wire rope

As mentioned before it is quite common that the 8 strands ropes are manufactured with a plastic extrusion between the core and the outer strands. This technical feature has several advantages as it protect the core from  wear and corrosion  (weatherproof), it guarantees a better geometrical stability of the construction and maintain the inside always lubricated.

  • 6 strands ropes with fiber cores (6x19+ F.C.; 6x36WS + F.C. see pag.4)
  • 6 strands ropes with steel core (7x19, 6x25 F + IWRC, 6x36WS+IWRC.; 6x31WS + IWRC. see pag.5,6,7)
  • 6 strands compacted with steel core (6xK36WS+IWRC,6xK31WS+IWRC pag.8)
  • 8 strands double parallel with steel core core (HICRO pag-9)
  • 8/10 strands compacted with steel core (HICRO CT, VS10 P pag.11)