Steel wire ropes

SIRTEF can be considered as a synonymous of steel wire rope. SIRTEF since the very beginning has been active in the supply and the assembling of any kind of steel wire rope.
SIRTEF for this specific involvement in the business it has been the first official exclusive distributor appointed by Verope to distribute its high performance range of special steel wire ropes more than 10 years. Since 2004 Verope stands for SIRTEF in Italy.

Our core business is focused on the supply of steel wire ropes, slings and lifting accessories to be installed on any kind of crane or device to lift, to pull, to tow or to anchor.

Steel wire rope for linear winch

We do have on stock a very vast range of steel wire ropes from 1 mm. to 104 mm. diameter in order to accomplish to the different  customer requirements.
Few relevant data important to know before ordering a steel wire rope :

  • Length and quantity of each rope;
  • Type of finishing (bright, galvanized, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Diameter;
  • Tolerance on diameter
  • Construction
  • type of core;
  • Tensile strength;
  • Sense of lay;
  • Preformed or not;
  • Pre-stretched or not;
  • Kind of end termination;

i.e. 1 x 1000 mtrs. Ungalvanised lubricated steel wire rope 6 x 19 S + F.C.  1770 N/mm2 R.H.O.L. Preformed.

Moreover, it is always recommended to specify the use which the rope is intended.