Wire Rope Clips

Wire Rope Clips are one of the oldest existing fitting to block a rope end available in the market.
Crosby has launched into the market its "Red U-bolt clips" in 1893 and since then this type of clip is even more appreciated by the market.

If you decide to use this product you have to know that the rope loses 20% of its breaking load due to a remarkable reduced efficiency.
The product that we offer and normally keep in stock, besides the aforementioned Crosby G-450, the forged steel clip, zinc plated.

Galvanized Rope Clip

There are different kind of clips which well meet specific needs and above all guarantee a constant efficiency but with a smaller number of terminals required to ensure the seal (Crosby G-429, Iron GripBG 100, DEKA clips, etc.).

In order to use and install it correctly we recommend to read our warnings and application instructions in our catalogue "Steel wire rope slings and lifting accessories".