Lifting accessories and fittings

SIRTEF since 40 years is considered in Italy and worldwide an important reference for lifting accessories and fittings.

The market demand for lifting products is really wide and different from industry to industry, it is easy to understand this variety if we think how different is the maritime business respect to the steel or to the building industry; any single market has its own specific needs in terms of products and certifications.

In order to accomplish to the various requests we have several fittings in the catalogue that complete our offer to the market for lifting accessories and fittings that can be used for installing, tensioning or lifting operations.

We like to mention the LEVEX range of hand chain hoists, lever hoists and trolleys, high quality products with the new epoxy coated black paint finishing suitable for any application including show biz; the SIRTEF cable pullers that are at the same time light for easy handling and robust for a long service life, they are supplied as a standard with 20 meters of rope complete with safety hook; the radio remote control devices; the dynamometers range ;le cable-socks, and so on.

Here below the complete list:

  • Cable sock
  • Manual chain hoist
  • Lever hoist
  • Plan trolley
  • Rope pulling machine
  • Radio remote control
  • Dynamometers