Lifting Chains and Accessories g 80 e g 100 Crosby

Since ever Crosby Group is well known  to be an innovative and high quality producer. Its products are considered the market benchmark in any single industrial segment in the global market; the constant research for the most up to date technical solutions, the continuous attention on the raw material quality, the tools preciseness, the certifications and the products testing are the main concerns of a company focused on future with a growing sense of responsibility towards the health and safety of the workers.

SIRTEF is “Crosby Master Distributor” for Italy, it has a very extensive stock of any lifting products manufactured by the American company.

Master Link Eliminator L-1362  Assembly Master Link A-1346    

Crosby has its own 100 grade chain program called “Platinum Line”, some of the main advantages guaranteed by it are the following :
-    Approximately 25% more lifting capacity respect to the same chain diameter in Grade 80;
-    The components may be used both with Grade 80 and Grade 100;
-    All the components are in accordance with EN 818 and EN1677.

SIRTEF is dealing with Crosby GRADE 80 chain too.

Chain sling 4 Traits diam. mm. 32 - Length mt. 9