Heavy Lifting and Offshore Applications

The most difficult challenges are those for which you fight with all the obstinacy you may have and that really test and stress your skills to the limit.

This is what we try to do in the oil and gas energy industry for example: drilling for oil, drawing off gas, building pipelines, new technology linked to wind mills, in one sentence the energy need has driven all the above market sectors towards the most innovative and performing technological solutions in order to reach the most efficient and effective replies to the markets’ needs.
The ropes and all the related accessories and components have been studied and engineered to face new environmental challenges such as working at very low temperatures, in the middle of the oceans, with very high humidity rate or with high speed devices and consequent dynamic shocks.

We are ready to accept the challenge coming from more difficult and performing working conditions in the lifting business.
SIRTEF is active in the energy onshore and offshore industry since many years, we developed long standing relationship with some of the most important worldwide players that have made the history of the business and are eager to be leading parts in the future.

Spreader beam complete of Wide body shackles, Steel wire rope grommets and triangle plate
SIRTEF has the technical and production skills to play a significant role in this challenging and demanding market segment. We work constantly with our partners Verope, Crosby and Ropeblock to accomplish to customers’ requirements, from the daily ones to the most complicated and technically demanding.

We engineer, manufacture and certify a vast range of products dedicate to the energy business. We can mention the spiral strand guy wires for flares, customs made modular lifting and spreader beams as well as special swivel hooks and sister link plates with special end terminations, everything of course duly approved and certified by Third Parties.

We have had the great opportunity to participate to the New Panama Canal expansion project together with our partners Verope and Crosby; we supplied all the steel wire ropes (VEROPRO 8) and the roll forged sheaves to open and close the locks’ gates. We all performed at the best of our possibilities to grant a high material quality and top performances of the finished products.