Polyester flat webbing sling with soft protected eyes

The polyester flat webbing sling with soft protected eyes are lifting components usually used for non specific lifting operations.
The adhere perfectly to the load and they are very light respect to other steel slings. They are used any time it is important to stabilize the product to lift.
They have several width and corresponding lifting capacity and they are used in almost any industry, from the building and construction one to the shipyards.

As for any kind of fiber lifting products, you have to pay particular attention to the kind of load you have to handle with the polyester slings.
It is possible that during the lifting operation, they come in contact with sharp edges that could cut part  of the fibers and reduce the capacity and the safety of the sling itself.

The polyester web slings, as already mentioned above, are usually manufactured with two layers but they can be with four layers and they may have any kind of terminals to the ends.
They can be protected totally or in part with a special PVC hose or directly coated with polyurethane against wear and abrasion.

Our web slings are manufactured with 100% thermofixed high tenacity polyester fibers.

Polyester Webbing Sling With Special Steel Eye