Endless round polyester slings

The endless round polyester slings are composed by a core of high tenacity polyester fibers and by a colored protection sheath made of the same material.
The round slings are very handy and light, they are suitable as well for heavy lift operations as they can get working load limit up to 100 tons.
They adapt their shape to the items to lift even with particular outside dimensions and they can be use in “choker configuration” without specific wear problems.

The endless slings have no stitching so they are less delicate and sensitive to possible friction against the load respect to the flat webbing slings but they can be damaged if they come in contact with sharp edges as any other fiber products.

It is possible to use them in combination with steel components and accessories specifically engineered to work with textile products .
They can be protected as well, totally or in part, with a special PVC hose or directly coated with polyurethane against wear and abrasion.