Flat Webbing and Round Endless Polyester Sling

Polyester (PES) is a synthetic fiber with very interesting specifications: its organoleptic characteristics remain constant in any environmental condition either it works in dry or it operates in wet and humid situation, it has a good elasticity, it has a good resistance to the acids (with few exceptions), it elongates under load only of 3%, it is easy to work with and it has a good heating resistance. If we consider all the above features together we can say that Polyester is a perfect material to manufacture flat webbing slings with soft eyes, fiber ropes and round endless sling with protection sheath.

Polyester products are excellent to lift delicate loads that have not to be damaged in any way and to lift loads in corrosive environmental conditions or where it may be present electrical conduction. The polyester products may be used in combination with any sort of accessories in different grades of steel.

The flat webbing sling are usually manufactured in two layers with soft protected eyes or as a endless sling.
It is possible as well to produce the slings with four layers and this make it possible to double the lifting capacity in accordance with the existing International Standard .
All the slings have a specific color that identifies the lifting capacity in order to facilitate the correct and easy recognizability of the item in any moment lifting operation in which it is involved (see below chart), and they must be traceable through a stitched label (in blue color according to the existing standard) with all the relevant data about safe working load, safety factor, working length and the manufacture’s name in order to guarantee in any moment the full traceability of the product.

The existing International Standard that regulates all the technical aspects of the polyester sling is ISO EN 1492 part 1 and 2.SIRTEF polyester sling flow chart