Steel wire rope end terminations

The Crosby Group has a very wide range of products dedicates to steel wire ropes, the first fitting engineered and forged by Crosby is the well-known Red U-Bolt clip G-450 in 1893.

Closed Spelter Socket G-417  Wedge Socket and G-450 clips

In more than 125 years of history, the American company has constantly launched new products in the market among which we mention: last generation of open wedge sockets S-421 T, US-422 T and above all the new S-423 T Super Terminator specifically designed for the special multi strands rotation resistant steel wire ropes (all the existing wedge sockets have been manufactured to work with standard round 6 and 8 strand ropes), the spelter sockets, closed and mooring type, the swage sockets open and closed and last but not least all the swage sleeves and terminals of the “cold tuff” series.