McKISSICK roll forged Sheaves

The McKissick roll forged sheaves are granting remarkable performances and are considered among the most reliable sheaves in the market.
Every McKissick roll-forged sheave starts as a single piece of AISI C-1035 carbon steel plate.
Utilizing a “time proven” proprietary roll forging process that adds the extra strength to the critical groove section, the sheave is formed from a precision flame cut blank.
The hub is then pressed into place with complete metal-to-metal contact and secured with a deep penetrating weld to ensure proper fit and longer life.

Another important feature is the flame hardened groove; the minimum value of 35Rc guarantees a higher hardness in the bottom of the grove (contact surface over 140°) respect to standard cold form split sheaves and results in less wear to the sheave, thus extending wire rope life.
The McKissick roll forged sheaves are available in the following configurations :plain bore, bronze bushed, roller bearing or tapered roller bearing.

Crosby sheaves for Panama Canal