Hooks and Swivels

In the Crosby program the range dedicated to hooks and swivels is really remarkable; accessories in carbon steel, in alloy steel or in stainless steel cover a very wide potential demands and solve many problems in lifting operations onshore and offshore.

For many years the bestselling product has been the eye hook S-320 complete with safety latch, but year after year Crosby has added many different types to its program such as : the standard swivel hook S-322, the anti-friction bearing type L3322B, the self-locking eye hook S-1316, the self-locking with shank and the swivel type with or without roller bearing (S-1318A, S-1326 and S-13326), the Bullard Golden Gate with its very special locking device and many other items for specific applications as the weld on hook BH 313, the webbing hook S287 and last but not least all the ROV range for submarine operations (L320R and L562 A) with special fluorescent painting to work in shallow and deep water.

Swivels G-403

The Crosby swivel’s program is made by both standard forged swivels (G-401,402 and 403) and by the high performing thrust and angular contact bearing swivels (S and As series).
They can have different kind of end terminations combined in accordance with customer’s demand: eye-eye, jaw-eye, jaw-jaw and so on. The AS range is completely zinc plated to better resist to corrosion so it is perfect for marine and offshore applications.

Swivel S-1 Jaw & Hook