Crosby Fittings

SIRTEF is Master Distributor forThe Crosby Group”in the italian market. For more than 30 years we have been working as partners with the American producer of forged and cast lifting accessories and together we have reached important results by performing successfully several international projects.
Among the most recent ones we like to mention the engineering and supply of the custom made roll forged sheaves destined to the gates for the new Panama locks.

Since more than 100 years (1889), Crosby has always been focused on the quality of its products and services. Several Crosby products have been Type approved by various Third party organizations and they have proven to provide improved fatigue life (fatigue resistance, 20.000 working cycles),granting to the customers the best level of working life and safety at the same time. 
The Crosby “General Catalogue” is really broad and exhaustive: it starts with the well know G-450 “Red U-bolt clip” launched in 1893 and then shows all the different kind of shackles existing in the market till 1.550 T. lifting capacity, it continues with any kind of socket (spelter sockets, swage sockets etc.), lifting hooks, swivels in carbon steel and stainless steel, Mckissick crane blocks and sheaves to finish with a wide range of clamps (IP and Clamp CO.)

Since ever The Crosby Group is the state of the art in research and development of new products to guarantee at the same time to its customers the best performances and the highest safety level in operational conditions. Together with the well-know “Wide Body shackles G-2160”, lately even improved with a wider bearing surface and a new pin locking device under the name of G-2170, Crosby has introduced in its program a range of new products: ROV hooks and shackle designed to work with robots subsea; the new super terminator wedge socket S-423T dedicated to the multi strands special wire ropes (all the wedge sockets available in the market have been engineered and designed for standard round 6 strands ropes ), and many other products constantly modified in the design and in the main technical specifications to be suitable for the new market needs.