Discover the new Verope booklets dedicated to the Special Steel Wire Ropes

Verope Special Steel Wire RopeTechnical BookletsToday SIRTEF is pleased to introduce you the new Verope technical booklets dedicated to the special steel wire ropes manufactured by Verope, at the peak of innovation and quality in the lifting business.

These new catalogs represent a working tool fast and immediate.
They show which kind of steel wire rope has to be used and where they have been installed on various crane / machinery of the 5 main reference areas:

  1. Heavy Industry
  2. Deck Crane
  3. Offshore
  4. Port Industry
  5. Construction industry

As you will see opening one of the booklets, the first part is dedicated to the end fittings you can apply to the steel wire ropes.
Following up, you can consult the various types of cranes working with Verope special ropes, shown with the support of some technical drawings, colored according to the kind of use and accompanied by a description of each steel wire rope.
The final part of the document shows the last technical tables with diameter and all the features of the special steel wire ropes.

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Verope and its Special Steel Wire Rope