The Crosby Group: 125 years of experience in the Lifting Business

SIRTEF has a very special relationship with Crosby, the worldwide market leader in the lifting industry.
Since 1889 The Crosby Group has been driven to become the single source for accessories used in the lifting and material handling industry.

Growing through product development, uncompromising quality and aggressive acquisition of market leading companies, Crosby moves forward towards this goal.
In the future, as in the past, look to It for innovation, education and product leadership.

The Crosby Group - the market leader in the lifting industry
Few milestones to know better the American company :

  • 1893 : Crosby’s first patent the "Red U-bolt" clip that became the standard by which all other are measured;
  • 1925 : Crosby McKissick developed and patented the first wire line guard that could be opened and allow the reeving of the block without disassembly;
  • 1977 : Crosby was the first to use a comprehensive Product Identification Code (PIC) to maintain material control from the steel mill through the complete manufacturing process;
  • 1981 : Crosby introduced and patented the original Wide Body Shackle G-2160, its features provided increased strength and improved sling and grommet life over conventional shackle;
  • 1997 : Fatigue Rated is a registered Crosby trademark that identifies products that have proven to provide improved fatigue life in actual use. Products are tested at 1 ½ times working load limit for 20.000 cycles, representing infinite product life;
  • 2005 : MxxTough is a registered Crosby trademark identifying products that are statistically verified to meet or exceed impact values over of 42 Joules at -20°C based on a high level of confidence.

SIRTEF is the Official Master Distributor for the Italian market and together with the American company has developed successfully the market all over the world.

Crosby stands for :

  • Material top quality;
  • Engineering excellence;
  • Quality control,
  • Durability;
  • Recognized dependability;
  • Industry education;
  • Customer service.

The Crosby Group is made of 1400 employees working in 14 facilities in two continents.
The global headquarter is in Tulsa Oklahoma while the European main site is in Heist, Belgium.
Its catalogue is considered “the Biblle” of the lifting industry with more than 200 different type of accessory and a vast range of sizes and lifting capacity but it is also a text continuously reviewed, enriched and updated in accordance with the new challenges coming from the lifting world.

Marco Martucci - CEO Sirtef